Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about “Treska Residence”

Many experts from different industries are involved in the building of “Treska Residence.” We discussed with a few architects involved in the project to describe the characteristics of this complex. Read the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.
What are the main characteristics of the complex called “Treska Residence”?
– This complex takes the urban living to a whole new level by using top-notch materials, advanced systems, and modern design. Additionally, it places great emphasis on the environmental preservation.
What is most important in the process of designing this type of property?
– We have dedicated a great deal of time and effort into creating apartment units that are both comfortable and make the most efficient use of space. Our design emphasizes the importance of natural light, which is achieved by integrating large openings. We make sure there is enough space between buildings and use the areas between atrium blocks for green spaces – perfect for socializing and relaxing.
How are the residential units divided in terms of space?
– The apartments we offer often feature open floor plans, where kitchen, dining area, and living room seamlessly merge together without any physical barrier. This creates a larger, more accessible area that brings the family together. We implement the concept of zoning by dividing the space into different functional zones, including a zone dedicated to daily activities (living room and bedroom) and an intimate zone (rooms for sleeping, relaxation, and work). This approach ensures an effective use of the space for different needs.
What is the required team size to successfully complete this project?
– To successfully plan, implement, and facilitate a project of this nature, it is crucial to have a skilled team of experts who will guide the process and the executive teams. The main team that is responsible for the design and supervision of the project execution phases includes six architects and engineers.
The green spaces are an important part of this complex. How did you manage to incorporate it?
– The green spaces in “Treska Residence” encourages a harmonious combination of nature and urban living.
Atrium courtyards provide a peaceful escape from the busy surroundings, allowing you to unwind on a bench with your favourite book. Children’s playgrounds offer a secure environment for kids to have fun and relax.
Green spaces, strategically placed among the buildings and streets, serve as a refreshing green barrier and create a peaceful environment for both residents and visitors.