6.12. Laying the foundation

The construction of the “Treska Residence” complex is currently underway. The provided pictures display the progress made so far. On February 10, 2024, the foundation for unit 6.12 in the complex was laid. The completion of this process required approximately 17 hours, and in the following week, the vertical structural elements, such as concrete columns and walls, were constructed. A workforce of over 70 individuals is dedicated to this project, including carpenters, reinforcement workers, crane operators, concrete transport drivers, concrete pump handlers, and construction and supervising engineers.
The concrete construction is expected to be completed by April 2024.
Dealing with underground water was the biggest challenge in the beginning, so we decided to use the innovative TKK “white tub” insulation system. This system ensures high-quality waterproofing for underground levels. The elements of this system guarantee maximum water resistance of the reinforced concrete construction.
The engineering approach follows the latest standards and incorporates specific technologies in these areas. The goal remains unchanged, as always: to create high-quality buildings that are sustainable and durable for future generations.